Throw up


We Love this dude.. I think yall love our footage together. This is my first time trying to fuck his throat and he threw up. Just as well, this is his first time throwing it back on me and he made my dick throw up “CUM” Released: 1/29/23 28

2 thoughts on “Throw up”

  1. Yes! More throat-fucking please — and tell them to take their hands off, they need to use just their mouth and throat!
    You captured a really good angle of you eating him out too; well done Lana!

  2. Nice video admiring from Pennsylvania my bucket list is to spend the night with you and have your babies implanted inside me I love your femininity and aggressiveness as well are u still located in Dallas and keep up the maxing work and please more doggy with him on his knees and the camera behind y’all I love when u Mount xoxo 😘

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