False Pretenses


He led me to believe that he was coming to take dick, I found out the long and hard way that he didn’t come prepared at all….and when it was time for me to cum he jumped up, and he might not ever be back. Released: 8/28/22 11

2 thoughts on “False Pretenses”

  1. Haha maybe no one is ever ready for how big you are, I like him though it was a good video with some good angles and your cock looked mega hard.
    His little ass looks like it would be good for seeing the full size of your cock entering lol.

  2. You always take care with your partners, Lana. So much patience and care on your part. Did he tell you to fuck off? I hope I misheard, because even as a knee-jerk exclamation, pretty rude. Especially if he talked a big game. Damn, sorry Lana

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