That’s Bae


I do not know why I’ve been waiting until the last minute to record for Sunday, buttttt I’m glad I did this week. I missed him. Released: 9/26/21 52

6 thoughts on “That’s Bae”

  1. This is top 5 video. You can tell when you really like someone or just the moment. Plus you could really go after this guy’s ass. I was impressed.

    1. From 10:00-11:24 needs to be longer and EVERY SINGLE NIGGA gotta take it regardless of race or sexual experience. That virgin white/ light skin nigga something like that. For most of the videos im like why she not holding them down and MAKE THEM TAKE IT. They know why they came to see you and that’s the price to pay. From the 10 minute mark till the 11 minute mark should be at least 1/2 or 3/4 the session.

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