He Couldn’t Take it


We filmed in 2021 for the launch of my site. He did okay his first time, this second time, he couldn’t take it. If I record something else Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll release it this coming Thursday. Released: 3/19/23 9

1 thought on “He Couldn’t Take it”

  1. Hi Lana,
    I texted You when You were in Phoenix, hoping to see you or, better yet, have You in me!
    I hope that you don’t mind. I have a fun idea for Your videos:
    I found a video online that is not on Your website where You hammered the fukk out of this dude…it was insane; you were like a jackhammer.
    It was so shocking and intense that I just had to count the number of times you pumped that big beautiful tool of yours in him; the only way that I could get a count was to slow down the video.
    Surprisingly the count was over 1380 times.
    So the idea that I have:
    Having a “pump meter” on your videos might be fun as you show the number of pumps your clients survived.

    Looking forward to having You in me!

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